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DAILUDA IMPEX(SMC-PRIVATE) LIMITED was founded in 2019, is a professional company for Industrial products Trading & Information platform. The headquarter is in Ji’nan, Shandong, and assembling, machining & foundry and casting plants are in Liaocheng, Jining, Tai’an and Weifang, we have the branches in Beijing, Shanghai and Qingdao, as well as an overseas assembling plant, with showing room and service centre, in Pakistan.

We develop very fast since founding, we are keen on the professional and environment friendly equipments for our production, to coordinate with related production capacity, we upgrade our equipments, and invest in huge capitals, In the basic Casting and Foundry area, we introduce and equipped the INDUCTOTHERM furnace from USA, AMF III from Japan, KUNKEL WAGNER from Germany, FONDARC from France, with various sanding, cleaning, core making equipments, the annual producing capacity reach up to 200,000 tons, which is in leading position in the same industry; In Vehicle line, marketing for various Tanker Semi-trailer, Container transport Semi-trailer, various Light trucks, Low-speed trucks, Dumpers, Agricultural Vehicles, etc.; In Agricultural machineries, we dealing with our dealers for tractor, combine harvester, various implements, Diesel engine and Water pump, etc. in Asian, African and Latin-American countries, and we are in leading position in Pakistan, Egypt, Vietnam markets; We are also dealing with various Construction machineries, Building machines, Building material, Chemical and Nylon industry products, etc..

There are two parts for our company business, that is, International Trading business, and, Information Platform service.



We are mainly dealing with the importing and exporting, for Machineries, Vehicles, Equipments, Building Materials, Steel & Iron, Casting Foundry and related parts & components, regular Chemical, Nylon 6 products, Medical supplies and consumables, etc., there are our own 2000 dealers, overseas storages, overseas companies, our turnover is US dollar 150 Million, with our professional trading team efforts, and the vision to Create the Value for all the buyers and sellers.

We export 8000 sets Agricultural machines, 5000 units various light and Medium/heavy duty trucks, Semi-trailers, 30,000 sets Diesel engine and Generator sets, 15,000 tons various Casting parts, such as Pipe and fittings, Housing, etc., Steel/Iron Balls, 10,000 tons Nylon 6 Cord fabric and Yarn in the year 2016, we gather a lot of advantages for Agricultural machines, Transporting Vehicles, Power equipments, Casting Parts and Industrial materials, and enjoy the good marketing shares in One Belt & One Road countries, accumulate the exporting, marketing and services experiences, found up theSales+Servicebusiness mode, cooperate with dealers, agents, solve the challenges in machines exporting business, e.g., service, spare parts supplying, technical supporting, warranty, etc., and start the assembling and localization in some markets, which strengthen the acknowledge and reliability from clients and users.


At the basis of traditional trading types, we expand our business very positively with active response, according to the Central government One Belt & One Road initiative, we build up overseas storages and Sales & Showing centers, in Lahore/Pakistan, Hambantota/Sri Lanka, Jarkata/Indonesia, Dhaka/Bangladesh, Rayong/Thailand, Yangon/Myanmar, Suez/Egypt, Lekki/Nigeria, Panama, Polotitlan/Mexico, Geelong/Australia, especially the CTA Joint-Venture in Lahore/Pakistan, it’s dealing business locally for several years, now is in the leading marketing position in Agricultural Machinery, Construction Machinery, Transport Vehicle, Building Material, as well as the Nylon products.


CTA (Cooperation DAILUDA IMPEX(SMC-PRIVATE) LIMITED & Arbab) Pakistan (PVT) Ltd., lies in Lahore-Sargodha Road, nearby the RAVI River, with the storage beyond One Million Square Feet, with two assembling plants in Punjab and KP, mainly assemble, produce and sell the Agricultural machineries, Light trucks, Special vehicles, etc., the DAILUDA IMPEX(SMC-PRIVATE) LIMITED/IB brand is very popular in Pakistan.


dealUdone.com website is a global leading platform for exchanging the information for international trade, especially starts from the industrial products, such as Machineries, Vechiles, Auto parts, Hardware, etc., we commit the global purchasers or consumers can get the best & direct sourcing suppliers, and ensure the sellers/manufacturers to find the direct customers.

We help thousands of people around the world sell, inspect, buy, refurbish, ship and finance various equipments and trucks every month, we supply the best after-sales services for the buyers, and maintain the brand & fame for the sellers. With our multiple selling platforms and commitment to first-class customer service, dealUdone is trusted worldwide because we make buying and selling easy, efficient, fair, and transparent.

Who we are

Established 2019 in Qingdao, China

Office in Dubai, Melbourne, Mumbai, Cairo, San Francisco, Mexico City, Chita(Russia), Jakarta, Karachi, Panama, Durban.

26 permanent Trade Show & Selling sites in North America, Middle East, Asia and Australia

What we do

We help our customers buy and sell various Industrial products, such as:

Agriculture machines

Building & Construction machines

Drilling & Mining machines

Transportation vehicle & machinery

Oil & gas equipment

Lifting & material handling equipment

Forestry & other industries

Generators & Power train,

Spare parts for machineries,

Drones & Robotics,

Gifts & Premiums,

LED & Solar products,

Etc.. ……

How we do it

With our global network, including 26 permanent Trade Show & Selling sites around the world and operations in 11 countries, dealUdone.com  sells Millions of dollars of Vairous equipments, parts, and wide range products each year via our multiple selling platforms including:

www.dealudone.com platform

Actual public show & selling fairs with on-site and online bidding & selling at 26 permanent sites & temporary locations.

Overseas storage, for storage and showing, and the in-time delivery to cusomters.

Cooperating with Google, Yandex, Winit, eBay, Amazon, Lazada, etc., for wholesale or retailing business.

Promote the brand for sellers in Facebook, LinkedIn, Youtube, etc..

Professional Trade team, with more than 20 years trading experiences, in seeking orders, placing orders, following up, customs clearing, Tax Refund, CIQ, inspection, etc..

Select the Specific industry and Specific regions, which we already exploited for years, with our mature experiences

The advanced International financial tools, like SINOSURE, the insurance for importing and exporting business, the Customs data analysis to help the customers to find out the most suitable solutions.

dealUdone  also offers a range of convenient services to make buying and selling even easier including shipping, insurance, warranties, refurbishing, and financing & leasing (through Ritchie Bros. Financial Services).

Other services:

Shipping & logistics



Professional Trade show & best selling Fair

Customs data analysis

We also promote the business type for SALES+SERVICE, and Over-Producing Stocks Clearing, please contact with our manager directly, if you are interested in these businesses.

DAILUDA IMPEX(SMC-PRIVATE) LIMITED FAITH: Creating value for all the  customers, is the priority of DAILUDA IMPEX(SMC-PRIVATE) LIMITED.

Our Team

Never to retreat, we are the best team!


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