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Best sourcing experience for International Buyers

We supply you the best sourcing and purchasing experiences because of our professional technology and knowledge; One stop for all the Industrial products, especially in Machinery, equipment, vehicles, generators, building materials, etc.; We always give the FAST FAIR & EFFICIENT response to all the International buyers.

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With our global network, including 26 permanent Trade Show & Selling sites around the world and operations in 11 countries, we help you to sell and market Millions of dollars of Various equipments, parts, and wide range products each year via our multiple selling platforms including: www.dealudone.com platform Overseas companies, in Hochiminh, VietNam, Lahore, Pakistan. Actual public show & selling fairs with on-site and online bidding & selling at 26 permanent sites & temporary locations. Overseas storage, for storage and showing, and the in-time delivery to customers. Cooperating with Google, Yandex, Winit, eBay, Amazon, Lazada, etc., for wholesale or retailing business. Promote the brand for sellers in Facebook, LinkedIn, Youtube, etc..


We create the value for all customers ,including the buyers and sellers

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